Budget Kitchens

Cheap kitchens makes us imagine something that’s going to fall apart after a few weeks of use so we prefer not to describe our kitchens as cheap.

The good news is, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great looking kitchen on a budget.

Many of our customers have already realised that a brand new kitchen can be found for a great price right here.

Don’t take our word for it though, we’ll tell you where many of our customers have looked before they buy a kitchen from us.

Used Kitchens

The obvious choice for anything 2nd hand in Ireland is adverts.ie or donedeal.ie, there’s usually quite a selection of old kitchens to choose from but there are a few obvious downsides.

  • It’s difficult to remove an old kitchen without breaking any parts of it.
  • It’s unlikely you’re going to find a layout that matches perfectly with your kitchen.
  • The style of the kitchen may be a few years out of date.
  • It will most likely still look like a used kitchen when you’ve finished installing it.

Ex-Display Kitchens

There are 2 types of ex-display kitchens, each has it’s own unique characteristics:

Genuine Ex-Display Kitchens

Can occasionally be found in kitchen showrooms around the country. You might find a genuine bargain but like a used kitchen you may be stuck with whatever size/layout is in the showroom. If you do find en ex display kitchen you like, ask the kitchen company about additional cabinets.

Fake Ex-Display Kitchens

Sounds nuts doesn’t it, why would a kitchen company pretend to be selling ex-display kitchens? It’s simple, to get you into the showroom.

You will either find the ex-display kitchen you were looking for has just been sold, or you’ll be shown a kitchen with an apparently large discount where the reality is the price was doubled just before it was offered at an ex display price.

Still Looking for a Cheap Kitchen?

We hope this has been helpful. When you’ve had a look at some of the other options come back and take a look at some of our budget friendly kitchens.

When you’re ready to take the next step, get a free estimate for you new kitchen from the comfort of your sofa using our easy online kitchen price estimator. If you’ve already received a quote from Cash and Carry Kitchens, Woodies Kitchens, Ikea Kitchens, Kitchen World, or any other kitchen company, send it over and see if we can beat it.

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